Owain Glyndwr Collection

Our Owain Glyndwr collection is perfect for people looking for a gift that also promotes a bit of welsh pride.

The collection features designs associated with the last, true Prince of Wales before the crown was finally seized by England.

A great range of souvenirs and gifts with Wales at its heart.

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Owain Glyndwr is an important figure in the history of Wales. He lived from 1359 until 1415.  He led the war of independence for Wales against the English crown.

He is considered by many to the last true Prince of Wales as he was the last welsh born person to hold the title.

The Welsh Rebellion lasted 9 years between 1400 and 1409 and at its height much of Wales were under Welsh control. Over time though lack of resources meant that Henry IV finally succeeded in regaining control of Wales for the English crown.